The Audubon Golf Club is a private, not-for-profit organization that provides opportunities for players to have fun playing at the Town of Amherst 18-Hole Audubon Golf Course. The Club facilitates weekly events, monthly tournaments, and, hopefully some good commoradorie between players of all calibers who enjoy playing the game of Golf. Please see the Membership Information page for details of how to join or renew your membership.  Hope to see you out on the course!
2020 Club Champions
AA Flight: Brian Schara
A Flight: David Keicher
B Flight: Jim Zigrossi
C Flight: Mark Cosgrove
D Flight: Dick Duquin
2020 Bill Fuller Director's Cup Winners
A Flight: Glynn Lipp
B Flight: Russ Sferlazza
C Flight: Ron Coniglio
D Flight: Paul Adamczak
2020 President's Cup Winners
A Flight: Bill Truman
B Flight: Dick Piechowicz
C Flight: Dennis Ferris
D Flight: Jack Kolbas
2020 Classic Winners
Dick Duquin, Tim Okonczak