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Schedule of 2024 Events

Click here to download a copy of the 2024 Audubon Golf Club Schedule.​
2024 WNY Public Links Golf Association Events Schedule.
Audubon Golf Club Schedule of Events Information
  1. Events are subject to change.
  2. Events have links to additional information. Click on the Event name.
  3. Click on the Date of a past event for results.
  4. Weekly events must be played with another club member.
  5. Weekly tournaments are played within each of 4 handicap-based flights. New this yearAll players in a flight-based event, including the weekly events, must play from the same set of tees, as listed below.
  • A Flight: Handicap Index of 10.2 and under
    • All events played from the WHITE tees
  • B Flight: Handicap Index of 10.3 up to and including 15.2
    • All events played from the WHITE tees
  • C Flight: Handicap Index of 15.3 up to and including 20.2
    • All events played from the COMBO tees
  • D Flight: Handicap Index of 20.3 and above
    • All events played from the GOLD tees
Your flight is solely based on your Handicap Index, which is NOT a function of course or tees or time of day or weather, to name a few.
In previous years, players in any flight could play from whichever tees they were most comfortable with, be it White tees, the White/Gold combination tees, or the Gold tees, in any Flight-based handicap event. Note that this is NO LONGER THE CASE. YOU ARE NOW REQUIRED TO PLAY FROM THE TEES AS LISTED ABOVE. Please make sure to use the appropriate on-course handicap for the tees from which you are playing.
If you want to play a casual (non-club event) round with your buddies, then if you have a Handicap Index (H.I.) of 17.3, for example, and you choose to play from the White tees on a given day, then your on-course handicap for the round is 18.  If you choose to play from the white/gold combo tees, your on-course handicap for that round is a 16.  If you choose to play from the Golds, your on-course handicap for that round is 14. If you choose to play from the Reds, your on-course handicap is a 7.
CASUAL ROUNDS: Playing from different tees and using your H.I. to generate the appropriate Handicap allows for players of different caliber and players who wish to play a longer or shorter course, to play against each other in a "competitive" fashion. This is exactly what the H.I. and Handicap are designed to enable: "Play it Forward" is a phrase that resulted in increased participation in golf and decreased attrition in weekly events around the nation. Enjoy yourself in your casual rounds by playing from whatever set of tees is most enjoyable.
  1. Handicap Index (H.I.) represents your demonstrated ability.
  2. H.I. takes into account your score in relation to the slope and course rating that you are playing.
  3. H.I. is an average of your 8 best differentials (not scores) of your most recent 20 rounds.
  4. In any given round the expectation is that you will shoot 2-5 strokes OVER your course handicap.
  5. In general, the expectation is that you will play to your course handicap once every 4 or 5 rounds.
  6. Handicap Indices are updated daily. So, your H.I. can change daily. This means that your on-course handicap from the same tees and on the same course that you played yesterday, can change. You need to check/determine your on-course handicap daily.
If you have a smart phone and install the NYSGA GHIN app, then your H.I. and course handicap is computed for you according to the USGA Handicap System.  Otherwise, please see the posted information or contact a member of the Board.
Year-Long Events 2024
  • President's Cup Bracket (Singles Event)
    • A Flight
    • B Flight
    • C Flight
    • D Flight
  • Classic Bracket (2-Man Team Event)
  • Note: See the Members Only Page for Member Contact Information

Complete 2024 Schedule for Audubon Golf Club​

(See Above for Tees Utilized for your Flight)

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