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Membership Information

Information about the Audubon Golf Club.
Click here to download a 2024 application form.


The Aububon Golf Club (AGC) is always accepting new members.
1. Both new and returning members must fill out an application form each year. 
2. Member dues provide the following:
  • An official USGA handicap
  • Admission to the opening stag
  • Entry into all weekly AGC tournaments
  • Entry into all AGC major tournaments including the Director's Cup, President's Cup, and Club Championship
  • Eligibility to enter any additional AGC-sponsored events
  • Eligibility to enter events sponsored by the WNY Public Links Golf Association and the Buffalo District Golf Association.  See Event Schedule/Results Page for a link to the appropriate information.
3. Handicaps will be determined using the World Handicap System administered by the USGA through the GHIN score posting system.  Handicaps are updated automatically on a daily basis as new scores are posted.  New members will be assigned a GHIN number and coached on how to enter scores in order to establish a handicap.  You’ll be able to post scores on your phone or from any device with Internet access.
4. AGC members must record all scores in accordance with USGA posting rules.
5. To be eligible to win weekly tournaments, members must play a round with another member and must abide by the rules posted on the clubhouse bulletin board or on the club website. The Golf Committee is responsible for posting the rules for each weekly tournament (winter rules, spring rules, summer rules, etc.)
6. Sign-up for weekly tournaments in the Blue notebook in the clubhouse for your flight, record your score, and initial the sheet.  In order to be eligible for payout from the weekly tournament, the scorecard must be attested by another member and placed in the appropriate dropbox. Dropboxes are located next to the computer in the clubhouse.  


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